Diving Club Posidonia was founded in 1992 and offers the full range of certified PADI courses.

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Our Club boasts a unique location! It overlooks the sea, in Genoa Quinto, just below the little church of Sant’Erasmo.

As a Club, we usually accept yearly membership from scuba divers living in our area.

However if you are eager to dive just once with us, then please read the following:

  • We mostly dive into the Portofino Marine Area, half an hour by dinghy from our Club;
  • You must have a valid PADI (or equivalent) certificate.
  • Usually our activities are from May to October, on Saturdays, Sundays and sometimes even on weekdays, depending on sea conditions.
  • You should book few days in advance and the cost for one dive is € 75,00 including:  Daily Diving Permit from Marine Area(*)dinghy trip, cylinder, regulatorBuoyancy Control Device (BCD Jacket) and weight belt.
  • We may rent also other diving gear such as: mask, fins, wetsuit, in that case we ask you to add € 25,00.

In this map you’ll see all diving spots.

(*) Number 21 (Punta Chiappa Ponente) and Number 22 (Cristo degli Abissi) are free diving spots (that means you don’t need any permit!).

  1. Punta Chiappa Levante
  2. Punta Targhetta
  3. Grotta dell’Eremita
  4. Punta della Torretta
  5. Punta dell’Indiano
  6. Dragone
  7. Colombara
  8. Secca Gonzatti
  9. Targa Gonzatti
  10. Scoglio del Raviolo
  11. Testa del Leone
  12. Scoglio del Diamante
  13. Cala degli Inglesi
  14. Relitto Mohawk Deer
  15. Punta Vessinaro
  16. Casa del Sindaco
  17. Chiesa di San Giorgio
  18. Faro
  19. Isuela
  20. Altare
  21. Cristo degli Abissi (free spot)
  22. Punta Chiappa Ponente (free spot)

For further information, please don’t hesitate to ask.


email: diving.posidonia@gmail.com